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Will and Kate’s Baby Girl May Become Queen With New Law.

Posted on: August 11th, 2012 by Lia No Comments

For centuries, baby boys in the Royal Family were given preference over little princesses, but a new proposed law is set to change all that. Since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married earlier this year, there has been a lot of talk about the royal couple’s first child. Despite the rumors that have been making their way round the Internet for the last few months, there is no indication that Kate Middleton is pregnant – however, the topic is still being highly discussed.

Historically, only the first-born male children in the Royal families were given preference as heirs to the throne, and a law proposed law by British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to change all that. At the moment, the 310-year-old law only allows females to become monarchs in the case where they have no brothers, such as the current the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

The British Parliament has proposed a change to the draconian law where the first-born female child in the Royal Family is pushed down the line of succession in favor of male children.David Cameron wants to assure that if Will and Kate have a baby girl, that child has the right to become Queen.Updating the Act of Settlement that currently reduces women second-class citizens is a big gesture from the British government.So when Prince William and Kate Middleton finally have their first child, whether they’ll be a baby prince or princess – he or she will definitely be next in line for the throne after Prince William. This means that Will and Kate’s baby girl or boy will most definitely be one special little bundle of joy everyone can look forward to.

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