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Royal Names for Will and Kate’s Baby Girl or Boy.

Posted on: August 11th, 2012 by Lia No Comments

The Internet has been hot with rumors over Kate Middleton being pregnant, even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not confirmed. With the change in the law allowing the Royal couple’s first-born child to be in line for the throne regardless of whether they’ll be a girl or a boy, they will need to find a name suitable for a king or queen.

Because the Royal Family are the role models for British tradition, we can expect their child will bear a more conventional name rather than something trendy or outlandish. Names like Philip, Edward or William have been common for boys, also Michael and Andrew. For girls the royal ladies have had the names Elizabeth, Anne, but even names like Rose or Alice are an option.

There are plenty more traditional, English names that are possible contenders for a little prince or princess. Will and Kate’s baby girl may be called Sophia, Caroline, Charlotte, Victoria, Mary or Alexandra, whereas a boy might be called George or Albert. All of these names have a historical place amongst the British monarchy, whether they belonged to the kings or queens, their spouses and their children. A royal baby should be give a classic and dignified name.

Another name that Will and Kate’s baby girl might take on is an unconventional one for a royal child, yet one who means a lot to the parents – Diana. Naming Prince William’s daughter after his late mother would be a lovely touch to honor the deceased Princess of Wales. Diana is an ancient name, pertaining to the Roman goddess of the moon – the patron saints of hunters, virgins and forests, making it a name that is both celestial and earthy.

What ever name the Royal child will have remains to be seen, whether they’ll have a boy or a girl. We know there are no Rainbows or Chardonnays on the horizon for Will and Kate, but maybe the royal couple my name a baby princess after Prince William’s beloved mother. A new name, yet a baby girl will be born into the world where she has a right to be queen – time for new traditions, we think!

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