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Prince Harry the Royal Third Wheel

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Lia No Comments



They say that two’s company and three’s a crowd, well clearly Prince Harry hasn’t heard that expression. Where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to be found, Harry isn’t far behind.  In the past few weeks, this royal threesome has become a major talking point after a group of photographs have shown the trio in near constant company. Whether it’s giggling and whispering at the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Jubilee to the Olympic Games, these three have become inseparable and joined at the hip.  What might seem like some harmless family bonding to some may seem more sordid to others as various magazines and tabloids, both at home and abroad, have been debating the “appropriateness” of the relationship. Some call it a “Royal love triangle” after noting some “inappropriate flirting” between Kate and Harry. Others even claim that this has led to a supposed blow up between the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge.  Even the respectable “The Times” has given Prince Harry the gooseberry nickname, in honor of his third-wheel behavior. However, none of this seems to deter the trio from each other’s company.


 But anyone with any common sense knows this speculation is all just silly – even looking at the pictures of the royal trio there is no sense of awkwardness, but does show how close they’ve become and seem to be creating their own little court over at Kensington Palace.  The relationship between Kate and Harry is purely sibling-like, and Harry has often referred to the Duchess as “the sister I never had.” The Prince also told one of his inner circle, “I love her to bits,” when talking about Kate. While Harry seems to be in on the royal couple’s bliss, Kate’s sister Pippa has been left out of the fold. Pippa Middleton’s friends have said that she’s been left feeling “very exposed and vulnerable” at her sister’s assimilation into the royal family. “While she’s still close to her sister, they are definitely not as tight as they used to be,” said one friend, “They used to speak every day, but now that Kate is married, things have changed.” It looks like the trio won’t be going anywhere anytime soon; Harry is even attending the closing ceremony of the Olympics with Kate as his “date”. Ironically, Diana commented on her marriage being a “little crowded,” but for her children, more is definitely merrier.

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