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Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Dashed!

Posted on: August 11th, 2012 by Lia No Comments

If there is a rumor, chances are it’ll spread across the Internet in no time. One such rumor is thus – Kate Middleton pregnant.The Royal couple have constantly been under the spotlight since their extravagant wedding last year, and now they’ve tied the knot people are listening out for the tremor of tiny feet.But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said that they’re delaying their family planning till the next year in order to get the London Olympics and the recent Queen’s Jubilee out of the way first. At the moment, the couple are in no hurry to start a family and want to focus on their extended family in 2012 first.With all that’s going on in the United Kingdom in 2012, there won’t be any time for Will and Kate to have a baby, and the couple don’t feel pressured – there is no urgent need for a Royal heir at this moment, especially with Prince Charles and William being next in line for the throne.

Kate Middleton has also experienced the pressure of Royal life. After Prince William left for the Falkland Islands, located just off the Argentinean coast, where he undertook his first tour of duty. In the meantime, Kate began her solo engagements as a member of the Royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge has put the family on hold for the moment and has been focusing on her own duties as well as her volunteer work with the Scout Association.While it served as a positive distraction from concerns surrounding William’s travels, it has definitely been a busy period for Kate. She had plans to visit all her patronages both publically at least once, with some private visits following. The couple’s separation took place in the spring before being reunited for the Queen’s big weekend – the Diamond Jubilee in June and now the Olympic Games that are currently taking place in London.From the fall, the royal couple will then embark on a lengthy journey round South East Asia where they’ll make a visit to Singapore and Malaysia and then onto the Pacific to the Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands.It might be a while before we hear news of Kate Middleton’s baby bump, but the couple are both young with plenty of time to start a family. Since they’ve only been married for just over a year, they might as well enjoy their married life without the pressures children can bring.

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