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Kate Middleton Pregnant

Posted on: December 4th, 2012 by Lia No Comments

All about a royal pregnancy

Fans of the royals everywhere are delighted at the latest news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting. Ever since their marriage back in April 2011, the couple have not only been keen to start a family, but the rest of the world has been waiting anxiously for news of a royal pregnancy.

While the baby will bring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and their families, a great deal of joy, the birth of this new member to the royal family has a wide constitutional and historical impact since it’s a symbol for the continuation of the British monarchy. Not only that, but whatever the baby’s sex, they will become third in line to the throne after Prince Charles and The Duke of Cambridge. 

The birth of the prince or princess will bring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge into the public light even more so, since they will hold a new level of public fascination, meaning they will have to balance the baby’s security with the national and international interest in the future heir to the British throne.

Kate’s still in the early stages of pregnancy and has been admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in Central London with severe morning sickness. Traditionally, this news isn’t announced till after the three-month mark, but due to Kate’s medical condition an official statement by St. James’s Palace was made earlier today. The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to stay in hospital for several days under observation.

Singapore Welcomes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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On September the 11th, the world’s most loved royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited their royal South East Asian and Pacific tour in Singapore. The trip to Singapore will be packed with royal duties from cultural performances to mingling with students from an art therapy class. The royal couple will also stop by a school for children with special needs. On their arrival, the Duke and Duchess will be sported away to the Singapore Botanic garden where a ceremony will take place since an orchid will be named in their honor, in addition the couple will also view the orchid named after Prince William’s late mother, Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana. A state dinner with President Tony Tan Keng Yam awaits the couple after calling at the Istana.



The day after, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will plant a tree in the Gardens by the Bay and will finish their trip with a visit to the Kanji Commonwealth War Cemetery before leaving for Kuala Lumpur. The couple will also travel to Malaysia, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands on their trip as ambassadors to the Queen for her jubilee tour. The trip will be involve an intensive schedule over a couple of weeks before the couple can return home and relax in their home in Kensington Palace.

Normality in Kensington Palace

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Will and Kate may seem like the world’s top fairytale couple, yet behind closed doors, the couple are perhaps the most ordinary pair. While many have doubted the match, it seems Prince William and Kate Middleton have proved the sceptics wrong and continue to live a happily married life.One secret of their happy union is that the Prince is pragmatic about their home life. The Duchess of Cambridge is a down-to-earth lady who helps the prince feel like a normal and grounded person.Kate may be seen as a commoner, but it’s precisely her “ordinariness” that the royal prince craves desperately. Being born into privilege, with his palace upbringing surrounded by protection officers and aides, meeting someone as natural as Kate is a breath of fresh air to the prince who has always desired a normal life. Kate cooks for William when they’re at home, using recipes from her mother and like to spend time together at home as a married couple.The only thing missing from the couple’s perfect married life is a little baby – which has now been pushed up to their agenda. Now with the Olympics out of the way and the Queen’s Jubilee, and once their tour of Singapore, South East Asia and the Pacific is over it looks like the couple will have time to start a family, finally.

Prince Harry the Royal Third Wheel

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They say that two’s company and three’s a crowd, well clearly Prince Harry hasn’t heard that expression. Where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to be found, Harry isn’t far behind.  In the past few weeks, this royal threesome has become a major talking point after a group of photographs have shown the trio in near constant company. Whether it’s giggling and whispering at the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Jubilee to the Olympic Games, these three have become inseparable and joined at the hip.  What might seem like some harmless family bonding to some may seem more sordid to others as various magazines and tabloids, both at home and abroad, have been debating the “appropriateness” of the relationship. Some call it a “Royal love triangle” after noting some “inappropriate flirting” between Kate and Harry. Others even claim that this has led to a supposed blow up between the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge.  Even the respectable “The Times” has given Prince Harry the gooseberry nickname, in honor of his third-wheel behavior. However, none of this seems to deter the trio from each other’s company.


 But anyone with any common sense knows this speculation is all just silly – even looking at the pictures of the royal trio there is no sense of awkwardness, but does show how close they’ve become and seem to be creating their own little court over at Kensington Palace.  The relationship between Kate and Harry is purely sibling-like, and Harry has often referred to the Duchess as “the sister I never had.” The Prince also told one of his inner circle, “I love her to bits,” when talking about Kate. While Harry seems to be in on the royal couple’s bliss, Kate’s sister Pippa has been left out of the fold. Pippa Middleton’s friends have said that she’s been left feeling “very exposed and vulnerable” at her sister’s assimilation into the royal family. “While she’s still close to her sister, they are definitely not as tight as they used to be,” said one friend, “They used to speak every day, but now that Kate is married, things have changed.” It looks like the trio won’t be going anywhere anytime soon; Harry is even attending the closing ceremony of the Olympics with Kate as his “date”. Ironically, Diana commented on her marriage being a “little crowded,” but for her children, more is definitely merrier.

The Duke of Cambridge helps out the Middletons by buying a $7 Million Dollar House

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Prince William celebrated his 30th birthday on the 21st of June and in turn inherited $15.5 million. The newly wed Duke of Cambridge has already spent half of that inheritance, not on himself, but on his wife’s parents – he bought them a house. The parents of the Duchess of Cambridge, Carole and Michael Middleton, are in the middle of buying a seven bedroom Georgian manor house in Berkshire – complete with 18 acres of land. The house itself is worth $7.3 million, but their son-in-law has already footed most of the bill.  The Prince paid some of the deposit money for Kate’s parents as a gift. One source at the palace says, “He sees them as his own family and wants to help out in any way he can.”  On William’s 30th birthday, the Prince came into the money from the estate of his late mother Princess Diana. Since William has become close to Kate’s family after their almost 10 year long romance, he decided to give a little back to his in-laws.  The estate that will become the new Middleton Manor was supposed to have been won in a bidding war with other buyers is located near their current home. The manor has a grand hall, a 17th century fire place and also apparently has ties to the royal family as far back as the 1500s.

Will and Kate’s Baby Girl Names

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Since their fairytale wedding in 2011, the whole world has been watching in anticipation for news on a new, little royal family member.  The couple are still desperately in love and have both been open about the prospect of children, but their royal duties have kept the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge occupied for the majority of 2012. First, Prince William was deployed to the Falkland Islands, just off Argentina, as part of his RAF duties, and then there was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and finally all of this topped off by the Olympic Games in London. But that’s not all; the royal couple will embark on a tour of South East Asia and the Pacific for a few weeks in September.

However, a baby may be in the works. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so focused on becoming parents that they’ve already decided on the names for their children. A new report from the palace says that Will and Kate’s baby girl will bear her middle names after her grandmother Elizabeth, and after William’s deceased mother Diana – a lovely tribute. The Queen is keen for the young couple to have children, and has supposedly been pressuring Will and Kate to start a family. With the names all picked out and the royal duties over, let’s hope the royal couple will take their grandmother’s advice. Perhaps another little Princess Diana will be born into the House of Windsor.

Will and Kate All Eyes for Each Other

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The Olympic Games mean big business for the British Royal family, and Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have been avid, patriotic followers of the games. However, there was one race that had that special family touch when William’s cousin, Zara Phillips, competed in the cross-country phase of the horse riding competition. While you’d think they’d be fully focussed on the race, at some points the royal couple seemed more interested in each other – leaning in close for a conversation before gazing into each other’s eyes. The Royal couple make a dashing pair; Prince William was dressed in a “team GB” polo shirt with an Olympic Games pin, while Kate was elegant and understated in a white shirt and blazer. Thanks for the unusually hot weather for the UK, the couple looked rather cool in their sunglasses. The event was huge for the Windsors who came out in droves to support their own, and Zara certainly didn’t let them down. She pulled the British team into second place and raised her own position from the 24th up to the tenth. (more…)

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Dashed!

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If there is a rumor, chances are it’ll spread across the Internet in no time. One such rumor is thus – Kate Middleton pregnant.The Royal couple have constantly been under the spotlight since their extravagant wedding last year, and now they’ve tied the knot people are listening out for the tremor of tiny feet.But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said that they’re delaying their family planning till the next year in order to get the London Olympics and the recent Queen’s Jubilee out of the way first. At the moment, the couple are in no hurry to start a family and want to focus on their extended family in 2012 first.With all that’s going on in the United Kingdom in 2012, there won’t be any time for Will and Kate to have a baby, and the couple don’t feel pressured – there is no urgent need for a Royal heir at this moment, especially with Prince Charles and William being next in line for the throne.

Kate Middleton has also experienced the pressure of Royal life. After Prince William left for the Falkland Islands, located just off the Argentinean coast, where he undertook his first tour of duty. (more…)

Royal Names for Will and Kate’s Baby Girl or Boy.

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The Internet has been hot with rumors over Kate Middleton being pregnant, even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not confirmed. With the change in the law allowing the Royal couple’s first-born child to be in line for the throne regardless of whether they’ll be a girl or a boy, they will need to find a name suitable for a king or queen.

Because the Royal Family are the role models for British tradition, we can expect their child will bear a more conventional name rather than something trendy or outlandish. Names like Philip, Edward or William have been common for boys, also Michael and Andrew. For girls the royal ladies have had the names Elizabeth, Anne, but even names like Rose or Alice are an option. (more…)

Will and Kate’s Baby Girl May Become Queen With New Law.

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For centuries, baby boys in the Royal Family were given preference over little princesses, but a new proposed law is set to change all that. Since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married earlier this year, there has been a lot of talk about the royal couple’s first child. Despite the rumors that have been making their way round the Internet for the last few months, there is no indication that Kate Middleton is pregnant – however, the topic is still being highly discussed.

Historically, only the first-born male children in the Royal families were given preference as heirs to the throne, and a law proposed law by British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to change all that. At the moment, the 310-year-old law only allows females to become monarchs in the case where they have no brothers, such as the current the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. (more…)

Prince William and Kate Middleton at London Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge take in the pre-show after arriving at the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. Looking great and put together as usual!